Sound Hire Packages

100v Small PA Hire

  • 100 Volt Line PA Horns
  • Stands
  • Mixer/Amplifier & Cables

DJ Combo Package

  • Twin CD Player
  • 2 x Mackie SRM450’s
  • Cables Included

Pioneer DJ Package

  • Pioneer DJM-A9 Mixer
  • 2X Pioneer CDJ3000
  • 1X Set Link Cables

700W iPod Party

  • 2x350w Speakers
  • 700w Amplifier included
  • All Leads Included

1KW iPod Party

  • Martin Audio F15’s
  • 1200w Amplifier included
  • All Leads Included

Bose L1 System

  • Bose L1 Model II
  • Bass Module
  • Tone Match Mixer

200w Self Powered Speaker

  • Ideal for
  • Monitoring
  • Small Ipod Party

Pioneer Pro DJ Package

  • 2xCDJ2000
  • 1xDJM2000
  • Pioneer Pro

700w Vocal PA With Mic’s

  • 700w Mackie active vocal PA
  • 2 xSM58,
  • 2 Stands,
  • Soundcraft FX8 mixer

1K Vocal PA System

  • 2 x Martin Audio F15’s ,
  • 1200w amplifier
  • 3 SM58’s ,
  • 3 stands ,
  • Sound craft FX16 mixer
  • 2 DI Box’s

2KW Active Band Rig

  • 2x Mackie S1500 active subs ,
  • 2x Mackie 1530 active mid/high’s
  • 2x Mackie SRM450 monitors ,
  • Yamaha PG24 mixer ,
  • 3x vocal mic’s
  • 2x Shure sm57 instrument mic’s
  • 2s Di box’s
  • 1 Shure Drum pack

5KW FOH PA System

  • 2 x 750w horn loaded 18”subs ,
  • 2x 800w horn loaded duel 15” subs ,
  • 4 x 15” mid/high’s ,
  • 1 M3 controller/crossover ,
  • 1 x QSC 5050 amplifier
  • 2 x QSC 3402 amplifiers ,
  • Speaker Cables as required

Single Mic & DI Box Hire

Shure SM58

Shure Beta58

Shure SM57

Shure Beta57

SE 1A Condenser

AKG C1000 Condenser

Sennheiser 835s

AKG D112

Shure PG Drumpack Plus Complete

Sennheiser Wireless Handheld Microphone

Sennheiser Wireless Head Microphone system

Sennheiser Wireless Lapel System

Sennheiser Handheld – G3 EW100 835

Sennheiser Handheld – G3 EW300 845

Sennheiser Handheld – G4 EW100 835

Sennheiser Handheld – G4 EW300 845

Sennheiser Headmic – G4 EW100 ME3

Sennheiser Headmic – EW100 G4 MKE1

Sennheiser Headmic – G4 EW300 MKE1

Sennheiser Lapel Mic – G4 EW100 ME2

Di Box

Ultra-Di D120

Di Box

Samson S.Direct Plus

Di Box

Stereo Samson S.Direct

Di Box

Behringer Ultra Di

Single Amplifier Hire

DAP Audio Palladium 1200

DAP Audio Palladium 1600

DAP Audio Palladium 2000

DAP Audio Stage AMP 2.2




DAP Audio Stage AMP 4.0


DAP Audio PA240 100v Line

Martin Audio MA1400

Single Mixer Hire

Allen and Heath GL3300

Yamaha MG24

QSC Touchmix16

Mackie DL32R

Behringer X32

Midas M32

Yamaha QL1

Yamaha QL5

Soundcraft FX16

Soundcraft FX8

DJM 2000 Nexus

DJM 800

KAM 1500

Behringer VMX 100



Mackie DX4

Mackie DX8

Speaker Hire

ITC 300




S118 Sub Woofer


S218 Sub Woofer


D218 Horn Loaded


SRS 1500





Martin Audio F215



EV ZXA1-90B 8”

Wiring Looms

16ch / 4 return

30mtr Stage box multi core cable

24ch / 8 return

30mtr Stage box multi core cable

32ch / 8 return

50mtr Stage box multi core cable

PA Hire Birmingham

Ace pa hire exists to provide professional sound, lighting and staging equipment, for hire or installation, along with a professional and friendly service that exceeds expectation. From a simple PA hire or small lighting system to a full music festival stage with moving lights and a powerful sound system, the core value of service and quality remains the same throughout.

Live Sound / PA Hire

This is an area of the industry where we as a team excel and rise well above the competition. From small private gigs up to major tours, no job is too large or too small. Again the quality of service linked with well known and proven brands such as Martin Audio, JBL, Electro Voice and QSC mean you can rest assured we are creating a very reliable and high quality sound that is required in today’s demanding venues.

We can provide Digital or Analogue Mixing Desks.


Live sound reinforcement systems of up to 25k giving you the heavy low end response required for outdoor use.


In small to medium size venues were able to provide a quality surround sound. Soundcraft mixing desks from 4ch up to 48ch coupled with Sennheiser radio mic systems and our experienced sound engineers will assure you’re in good hands.


From a house party or wedding to a Rave, from a pub to a hotel, you’re just a phone call away from a great gig. Whether it’s Technics, Pioneer, JBL, Martin Audio or QSC you can rely on crystal clear sound quality and unrivalled reliability pushing you ahead of the competition.


We can provide all types of backline including but not limited to Guitar amps, Bass amps, Drum Kits & Keyboard stands.


We have a comprehensive stock of microphones including all major microphone manufacturers. Wireless sets are also available to give you complete freedom to perform.

Sound Engineer Hire

If you require our systems will be hired out with a trained professional engineer to run your event and make sure everything flows smoothly. Just give us a call to discuss engineer Rates and requirements.