IP65 Chameleon Bars

  • 1m LED Chameleon Bars
  • Set Of 4 With Bags

4kw Caberet Pack

  • 2 x 2kw Caberet Pack
  • 2 Tripods & All Cables

LED Par56 Uplighter

  • Par56 LED Uplighters
  • Low Power Consumption

Vintage Par64 & 56’s

  • Vintage Par64 1k’s
  • Vintage Par56 300w

8 Par56 LED Lamps

  • 8 x Par56 LED lamps
  • 2 x Tripods
  • Basic DMX Mixer

4 x 250w Scanners

  • 4 x 250w Madscans
  • 2 x Wind up Manfrotto stands
  • Basic Controller & Case

LED Star Cloth 6m

  • 6m LED Light weight star cloth
  • 6m Truss
  • 2 x 30kg Tripod stands

LED Star cloth 3m

  • 3m LED Light weight star cloth
  • 3m Cross Bar
  • 2 x 10kg Tripod stands

Showtec Sunstrip

Showtec Chameleon 24/3

Luminair 3 Light Controller

500w Fresnel Lights

4 x 500w Lights & Controller

Jands 4pak Controller

1500w Stroboscope & Controller

Lighting Tripods

1m Showtec LED UV

  • Ultra Violet Lamp
  • Low power consumption
  • High light output

500mm Mirror Ball Set

  • 500mm Mirror Ball
  • Dedicated motor
  • Safety Fixing Supplied

Showtec Chameleon LED

  • IP65 Rated Waterproof
  • Low Power Consumption Flood
  • Multi Colour High Lght Output

400w UV Light

Jem Smoke Machine

Bubble Machine

Haze Machine

Machine Fluid

Stage Blinder 2 DMX

  • Stage Blinder 2 DMX
  • 2 X 650w ( 1300w )
  • Showtec 240v

Titan Strobe

  • Titan 1500w Strobe
  • DMX controlled
  • Ultra Bright 240v

Showtec Galactic RGB600

  • Galactic RGB 600
  • DMX Laser
  • Stand alone effect

PowerCON Extension (4)

1 x Chauvet Totem Pole

  • Available In Multiple Colours
  • Battery LED Supplied
  • 1.5m and 2m in stock

6 Battery Powered LED

  • Wireless System
  • Set of 4 in a case
  • 9hr on a single charge

Phantom Moving Head

  • 75w White LED
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 16 Built in programs DMX

Lighting Controllers

  • 4 Channel Basic LED Control
  • 12 Channel LED Control
  • 2 x 12 Channel LED Control

Lighting Hire

Looking for lighting hire in your area? From a couple of tripods to a large truss rig, from a par can to a full set of moving heads, just send us your spec list and let us do the rest. If you’re not sure what you’ll need then advice is only a phone call away.

Safety First

Our service includes public liability insurance, health and safety risk assessments and consultations at the venue along with all relevant meetings prior to the event. We have public liability insurance in place and great working relationships with local authorities to assist with licensing requirements.


Our LED par cans are great in many ways. Not only are the extremely effective, they’re also very economical. They can be used to create interesting lighting effects for weddings, exhibitions or any live show.

Smoke & Haze Machine Hire

We can create a great atmosphere with the simple addition of a smoke or haze machine. The beams show up in the smoke/haze to create great effects.

Strobe Lighting Hire

We won’t supply strobe lighting unless it’s requested but it looks absolutely great especially for rock shows or creating special effects in theatre shows.

Star Cloth

From stock…we can supply modular, full colour LED star cloth which never fails to add dramatic effect to all events. Stage back drops, stage set borders or as a complete room wrap. The cloths can either be controlled using the programmable stand-alone controllers or control can be taken to a lighting desk using a 5 pin DMX cable.